Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sharing a few craft hacks I have learned over the last 2 years....

1. Want to add sentiment in a particular colour but don't have that colour ink
Solution - Stamp the sentiment in black ink and now write over it with your choice of gel pen.

2. Don't have Staz-On on hand
Solution - Use OHP marker or a CD/DVD marker. For stamping, stamp the image on paper and trace on acetate using the marker. For stencilling, just use the marker through the stencil.


3. How to curl up cardstock
Solution - Spritz the area you want to curl up with water and wait for the paper to absorb the water. Now curl way...

4. Don't have embossing powder/ink and want to create a resist....
Solution - There are many ways to create a resist like using crayons, vaseline, paint markers.

5. Can't find your heat gun
Solution - Heat up a Clothes Iron and apply heat from the back side of the cardstock.

6. Don't know how to apply paint...
Solution - Apply some paint a packaging plastic and smoosh it on your cardstock. Easy and Artsy!

7. Ran out of texture paste
Solution - Use gesso instead. The result will be less dimensional but still great.

8. Cannot seem to do uniform stitching on your card
Solution - Mark dots with your pencil and ruler. Now poke holes with your quilling needle and just run the thread through...Tada...

9. Don't have painters tape...
Solution - Use some cheap washi tape. Easy and affordable solution!